Plant Based Detox: Easy Alternatives

What’s your experience living in a fast-moving world? Probably fast-food chains, missed dinners, and salty foods? How about stress and pollution? All these things contribute to your worsening health condition, including the pain in your joints and your brittle hair. Does it mean you need to change your diet? But with your busy lifestyle, changing your diet takes away too much of your time. Moreover, a diet change can be difficult and stressful on the body. What can you do then? Is there a way to detoxify without the need to put your body under stress? Well, good thing this plant-based detox guide has an easy alternative to offer you.

What is a Detox?

Detox or detoxification is a popular diet designed to remove nasty toxins from the body to make you healthier. A detox diet can mean getting rid of the nasty substances you have consumed or simply a way to reset your body. There is evidence that supports what detoxing regularly does to the body. Some specific foods and herbs have detoxification properties, making a plant-based detox plausible and is the better option for being natural. In doing a plant-based detox, you can help clean out the buildup of wastes in your digestive tract and other parts of the body. This diet also reportedly helps reduce pain and inflammation thanks to certain anti-inflammatory properties of herbs and vegetables. Getting rid of the toxins in the body can boost your immune system, reduce body odor, slow down aging, improve skin, hair, and more.

What is a Cleanse?

A cleanse has to do with being clean, so you should think of it as a way of cleaning the body. Cleansing often uses pills to remove substances directly from the body, usually focusing on the digestive tract, whether it’s a vegan cleanse or not. It’s different from detox, which does not remove toxins directly but merely supports or boosts the body’s natural processes that eliminate toxins. Cleansing usually involves supplements. However, it can also be as simple as cutting back on certain foods, removing foods that can cause allergies from your diet, or eating healthier. Cleansing resets your system, making you feel better now that all the toxins, parasites, and wastes your body accumulated are gone. It reportedly helps if you have trouble losing weight, often have headaches, are constantly bloated and constipated, and feel tired all the time.

Detox VS Cleanse

When to Cleanse

As you know by now, cleansing and detoxing are slightly different. So, now you are wondering, “when do I cleanse?” How do you know if it should be detox and not cleanse that you should do? The answer has to do with what health issue you want to treat. Did you want to try doing a plant-based cleanse to improve your gut health? Then you are right to choose to cleanse. There are certain benefits to a vegan cleanse detox discussed here. Read on about these health benefits to cleansing, and you can determine if it is what you need.

Trouble Losing Weight

No matter the effort you make, you cannot lose weight. You changed your diet, you have an exercise routine, and you’ve even taken pills. There are a few things that could be why you are not losing weight. For instance, you may have a health disorder that makes weight loss difficult, such as hypothyroidism. It could also be that you have difficulty losing weight due to toxins that affect your digestive health. A plant-based cleanse diet can help remove those toxins from your body. At the same time, a vegan cleanse emphasizes healthy foods, reducing your food cravings, and treating various digestive issues.

Consistent Headaches

Have you been experiencing headaches that always come back? Pain killers help but only temporarily. Symptoms include pain on one or both sides of the head and a throbbing, pulsating or tightening feeling. The pain varies from mild to severe. Sometimes, the symptoms also include sweating, nausea, vomiting, light, sounds or smell sensitivity, and others. There are several types of headaches that these symptoms could indicate, such as tension headache, cluster headache, or migraine. Either way, one of the possible causes is the foods or drinks you consume, like caffeine and alcohol. A vegan cleanse can help by removing those poisonous substances from your body.

Tired all the Time

A plant-based cleanse is ideal if you lack energy and get tired easily. There are plenty of things that could be causing you to feel tired all the time, from your diet to having a sedentary lifestyle. It may just be because of lack of sleep, stress, or depression, which needs to be addressed to get back your energy. But if the cause is diet or medication, cleansing is an ideal treatment you can do at home. Cleansing can help reset your body by removing the toxins you must have consumed due to your unhealthy diet. At the same time, a vegan cleanse diet includes energy-boosting foods that can help fix your sluggishness.

Constantly Bloated

If you are constantly bloated, especially after eating, your digestive system is probably not working correctly. It’s not surprising that you feel that way if you eat lots of fast foods and not enough fiber or often eat foods you are allergic to. Eating this way can only result negatively, including feeling bloated all the time. Cleansing can help bloating by removing the toxins from all the unhealthy foods you used to consume. A plant-based cleanse can help with bloating, mainly if you use an ingredient that naturally enables you to pass some gas. Removing food allergies from your diet as part of cleansing can also help with bloating.

Constipated and Nothing Helps

Have you been feeling digestive discomfort for a while? Are you experiencing consistent abdominal pain? There are several possible reasons why acute constipation happens. A few of them include: not eating enough or the correct quantities of the right foods, not drinking enough water, or you’re lacking exercise. What you are experiencing is highly likely a symptom of an unhealthy gut. You should check in with the doctor to be sure, but you may also try cleansing your colon. Cleansing offers many health benefits, including getting rid of constipation. With a plant-based cleanse, you can empty your bowels of the toxins causing you discomfort.

When to Detox

Are you wondering when to detox? Well, it is ideal to detox once or twice a year. But if you are not feeling good and are noticing some signs and symptoms that something is wrong with your body, then it’s a good idea to try a plant-based detox. The question is, “how do you know if it is time to detox? What signs indicate that your body needs it?” There are a few signs that can tell this, which will be explained below. If you haven’t been feeling well, you should probably start tallying some symptoms.

Unexplained Hair Loss

One of the most common signs that you should undergo a detox is unexplained hair loss. If you have been finding hair on your pillow or a lot of them fall when you are brushing, it’s likely because your hair is not healthy right now. Your diet could be one of the reasons for this, which means fixing your diet can also improve your hair loss. Why don’t you try a plant-based detox? Changing your diet to include plants to detox your body can eliminate the toxins that are making you unhealthy. It will reset your body by removing the toxins. The good thing is there are different types of plant-based detox you can try for this, such as a hair detox and liver detox.

Consistent Bad Breath

Consistently having bad breath may also signify that it’s time to detox. If brushing doesn’t help or it’s a problem due to gum disease, detoxing might be able to help. You might now know it, but you can get rid of your bad breath from your stomach by getting rid of the toxins there. Changing to a plant-based diet also helps, which means a plant-based detox is ideal. Bad breath isn’t only the result of lousy mouth hygiene. There could be underlying causes, which are likely the foods you eat. In that case, changing your diet can help, and detoxing to remove those toxins out of your body is a great start. Doing this should help improve your digestion and avoid the buildup of body wastes that cause bad breath.

Constant Nausea

Nausea is an awful feeling you get in the stomach as if you will vomit. There are several possible causes of nausea, including virus, pregnancy, an unpleasant odor, or a digestive condition. Most of the time, nausea is a symptom of a specific condition and goes away when treated. However, you may experience nausea many times, enough that it disrupts your life. If it comes with other symptoms like chest pain, you should check in with your doctor. Sometimes, you may also suffer from nausea due to overeating fatty meals. If the symptoms include constant constipation and stomach pain, a plant-based detox might help.

Brittle Nails

Numerous medical conditions can affect the health of your nails. One symptom that indicates they are not in excellent health is when they become cracked, which means the nails are brittle. Your nails are also brittle if they easily peel, split, or chip. These can be signs of aging or that your nails have been using nail polish for too long. Your nails can also become brittle if exposed to moist conditions, such as when washing dishes. There are also health conditions that cause nail brittleness, such as hyperthyroidism. Another possible cause of your brittle nails is not getting proper or enough nutrients. In that case, fixing your diet may help restore your nails.

Foggy Brain

There isn’t a clinical explanation of what brain fog is. However, brain fog typically includes symptoms such as being hard to concentrate, confusion, memory loss or forgetfulness, low mental energy, and fatigue. Brain fog is common but not normal as experiencing it means something is wrong with your body. The problem with brain fog is there isn’t a test that can determine you have it, and there is no medicine you can take. Doctors aren’t much help either, which makes having this symptom frustrating. It is likely lifestyle-related, so living more healthily might help. So, changing your diet to include plants to detox your body is perhaps the best cure for it.

Unexplained Weight Gain

Unexplained weight gain is one of the most frustrating experiences a person may go through. This is true, especially if you have been making it a point to be healthy by eating the right foods and staying active. However, you are still gaining weight no matter what you do, and you cannot understand why. There are a few reasons why you gain weight despite being careful with what you eat and exercising. Some are stress, sleep deprivation, hypothyroidism, medications, and more. It may also be because your diet is not suitable for weight loss. In that case, it’s a great idea to try plant-based detox to get rid of toxins in your body before starting a new diet.

Hard Cleanses and Detox Diets

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you can try a cleanse or a detox diet to fix the problem. They can help remove the toxins or substances hurting you by changing your diet. While they may work, some difficulties do not make cleansing or detoxing the best choice. Before you decide to hop onto total wellness cleanse or detox, below are some of the things you can expect when you try them. The fact is that changing your diet is not as easy as it sounds like – it’s hard for your body and your pocket as well.

Uproots Your Life

Hard cleanses and detox diets uproot your life. Going on a detox or cleanse means changing a big part of your diet, which may mean spending more money. This is because this is a diet where you will only consume specific food items primarily found in specialty grocery stores. They are a lot more costly than everyday food items you used to buy. It’s not only the cost but the effort as well. It is rare to find stores that sell ready cleanses or detox, so you have to make them yourself. In the past, you could eat out or order food delivery. You can’t do that with a deep detox or cleanse. Unless you can find a gentle detox alternative, living healthily means changing your lifestyle drastically.

Time Consuming

As mentioned, detox diets and hard cleanses take plenty of your time. You will have more meal preparations to do. When shopping for groceries, you will also have to go out of your way to go to specialty grocery stores to buy what you need. Unless you have a lot of free time in your hand, a detox or cleanse this way is a huge burden. Of course, living healthily takes an effort, but most people live a hectic lifestyle. Many families don’t have the time to spare for extra meal prep between work, school, and home. As a result, more people carry on with their symptoms or seek temporary treatment. It is a different matter if there’s an alternative that is neither time-consuming nor costly.

Loss of Enjoyment

A cleanse or detox diet means letting go of many things you enjoy, including eating out. Since you are careful and particular with what you eat, you cannot eat fast foods or foods you didn’t prepare yourself. If you and your friends like to go out, it would not be as enjoyable as before if they were the only ones eating. The good thing is that detox and cleanses are not intended long-term and are only meant to reset the body for a new diet. However, they need you to sacrifice some of the few enjoyable things in life. If there is an alternative where you don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment, wouldn’t that be great?

Why a Chlorophyll Detox is a better Alternative

Your body is exhibiting symptoms that point out that you are not healthy. So, you are thinking of either cleansing or detoxing your body. The dilemma is that you don’t want to undergo a drastic diet change, spend a lot of time preparing, or sacrifice your food enjoyment. What to do then? Fortunately, there is an easy, better alternative to detoxing the body continuously in the form of chlorophyll. You heard it right – chlorophyll is an excellent alternative to removing toxins causing the symptoms mentioned above. Why is chlorophyll detox a better choice? Read on to find out.


Chlorophyll as a detox or cleanse is effortless. You can just add it to your morning routine, no need for preps and all. How come? Well, that’s because chlorophyll vegan detox is available in supplements and not an elaborate diet. You don’t have to go through a process to enjoy the benefits of a cleanse or a detox diet. This is particularly true in the case of our chlorophyll supplements ChloroGlow Shots and ChloroGlow Drops. With these chlorophyll supplements, all you need to do is drink the chlorophyll and already enjoy the benefits the plant pigment offers. It even takes the difficulty of swallowing a pill out of the equation since the supplements are in liquid form.

Enjoy the Meals You Love

The best thing about chlorophyll supplements is you can still enjoy eating the meals you love, as long as it’s within reason. That is, the food you eat shouldn’t be bad for your health because otherwise, you will still suffer from your symptoms the same way before. Taking the chlorophyll supplement can help clean your body, provided you eat right. It is even better if you eat foods rich in chlorophyll. Doing so will supplement (pardon the pun) the effects of ChloroGlow Shots and ChloroGlow Drops. On that note, we have here some chlorophyll-rich food recipes you’ll love, which are delicious ways to complement your chlorophyll supplements when you have the time.


Hard cleanses and deep detox is not continuous diets. You usually only have to do them for a while to reset your body when you start a new diet. Chlorophyll cleanses, or detox is different because it is not limited by the number of days. Is it safe to cleanse continuously? With ChloroGlow supplements, it is safe. This is because chlorophyll offers gentle detox or cleansing, unlike dieting. Your body will not be experiencing strain with adding these supplements to your diet. As such, you have nothing to worry about.

Overall Health Benefits

Chlorophyll is also a better choice because it offers many more health benefits than ordinary cleanses or detox. You see, chlorophyll detox does not only rid the body of the toxins that cause the symptoms mentioned above. With the vitamins and minerals it has and its ability to mimic hemoglobin, chlorophyll can do a lot more. Its ability to mimic hemoglobin is especially incredible as it offers plenty of benefits related to the blood. By mimicking hemoglobin, chlorophyll can restore the blood’s red blood cells, boost its oxygen levels, improve its circulation, and more. There are more to this, so why don’t you take a look at chlorophyll benefits here.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

For a lot of people, detoxing or cleansing does not feel great. However, that is not the case with chlorophyll detox. With chlorophyll, you feel good as you detox or cleanse every day. You won’t be saying, “I am surviving vegan detox.” You are thriving through it instead – you feel better and better each time you go through it. Here are some of the plant-based diet detox symptoms and changes you can experience with Chlorophyll supplements:

  • More energy
  • Clearer, glowing skin
  • Better bowel movements
  • Weight loss
  • Better focus
  • Improved overall health

On the other hand, below are some of the negative symptoms you may experience:

  • More times of needing to go to the bathroom
  • Skin rashes or acne from different causes
  • Cravings from your old eating habit
  • Sleeping troubles due to diet change
  • Emotional stress if no one supports your lifestyle change
  • Tiredness and fatigue from restricting yourself
  • Feeling hungry all the time

What are Some Chlorophyll Detox Symptoms?

There is not enough research on the effects of chlorophyll detox. However, most of those who tried it said they did not feel any symptoms. The key is to start at a low dose then work your way up to what works for your body. Also, make sure to stay under the 300mg daily maximum. Although not backed by a study, here are some of the chlorophyll detox symptoms you can reportedly experience:

  • Improved digestion
  • Constipation relief
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better skin and hair
  • Weight loss

Besides the positive symptoms, there are also a few negative chlorophyll detox symptoms, such as:

  • Skin rash
  • Digestive complaints
  • Green tongue and stools

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Detox My Body Everyday

You can go on a daily detox by taking ChloroGlow supplements. Unlike deep detox and hard cleanses, you don’t necessarily have to change your diet or do anything drastic. You can simply add either ChloroGlow Drops or ChloroGlow Shots to your breakfast. You can take it every day as much as you need or until the symptoms you suffer from disappear. The recommendation is to take a low dosage first until your body gets used to it., After that, you can increase the dosage if you want higher effects. However, remember to stay at the 300mg daily limit, or you may experience some side effects.

Does Chlorophyll Detox Your Body

Yes, chlorophyll can detox the body. Chlorophyll can find toxins within the body. It does not expel but changes the toxins into harmless substances. It does not put the body in a strain, which is why chlorophyll is a much better choice for cleansing or detoxifying the body. Moreover, chlorophyll has many more benefits besides detoxing – it boosts blood circulation, oxygenates it, and replenishes red blood cells. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, improves the body’s wound healing ability, and more. Chlorophyll detox is a better choice if you want more than cleanse the body.

What is a Vegan Cleanse?

Vegans cleanses are a cleanse aimed at removing toxins from the body by eating only vegan foods. While doing this cleanse, you need to avoid all animal products, stimulants, and processed sugar. This vegan reset intends you to consume only vegetables, fresh vegetables, fresh juices, and other foods that are considered vegan. Vegan cleanses are also available in different types, such as the juice cleanse and fruit flush. There are various benefits to a vegan cleanse, including weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair, and more.

Is There a Difference Between Detox and Cleanse?

If you compared detox vs. cleanse, there’s a subtle difference between the two. Detox’s target is much broader, often at other parts of the body, such as liver, intestines, kidneys, and even hair. It is also usually a diet where you fast or replace parts of your meal to support the natural toxin-eliminating processes of your body. On the other hand, cleanses usually only target the digestive tract. Its goal is primarily to clean the toxins in your gut to facilitate better digestion, resulting in many health benefits.

Is Chlorophyll Vegan

Yes, chlorophyll is vegan. Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants, which helps in photosynthesis. It is mainly found in plants, making it vegan and natural. As such, if you are looking for a way to detox vegan, chlorophyll is the best answer. It offers a safe detoxing and cleansing method and more health benefits than any other detox or cleanse, plant-based or not.

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