Chlorophyll for Skin: Everything You Need to Know

It’s not an accident that you stumbled upon chlorophyll when looking for a skin remedy. More people are now learning about the benefits of chlorophyll and they like what they’re reading.

The secret to keeping your skin healthy may have been hiding in plain sight all along. Discover chlorophyll’s effects on skin and decide if you want to use it yourself.

First Things First: Is Chlorophyll Good For Your Skin?

Our skin is routinely exposed to the elements around us. It’s frequently exposed to forces that can damage it easily so keeping it protected is a constant challenge. Skin damage is very difficult to avoid, but we are not completely powerless against it.

That’s where chlorophyll comes in. You can use chlorophyll for skin problems because it works incredibly well as a rejuvenating substance.

Using chlorophyll on your skin can reverse the damage that has been done to that part of your body. Moving forward, you can also count on chlorophyll to keep your skin adequately nourished and protected.

Feel free to integrate some chlorophyll products into your current skincare routine. By doing so, you’ll gain firsthand experience of just how effective chlorophyll products truly are.

Is Chlorophyll Good for Your Skin?

Hearing that chlorophyll is a substance that could potentially be good for your skin may not be something you expected to hear today.

We understand why such a revelation can be difficult to believe. After all, it’s hard to imagine that the potential key to maintaining healthy skin could be so accessible.

You may be at a point now where you want something more concrete. If chlorophyll truly is good for skin, then there should be clear examples illustrating that.

Well, we are getting ready to highlight the different ways that chlorophyll is good for your skin. For now, we’re focusing on chlorophyll’s ability to reverse skin damage while also nourishing it in the process.

Now is as good a time as any to gain a better understanding of what chlorophyll can do for your body.

Helps Heal Sun Damage

Some sunlight can be good for your skin. That’s why heading out to exercise early in the morning is highly recommended. If you can limit your exposure, then the threat sun damage poses to your skin would be minimal.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the sun’s harsh rays may be inevitable due to your work or routine. Constant exposure to the powerful sun can lead to your skin sustaining lasting damage.

The damage may come in the form of wrinkles, lines, and dark spots. In other words, skin damage caused by the sun can be quite unsightly.
Chlorophyll water for the skin can protect against those types of sun damage. It does so by reducing inflammation. By relieving inflammation, those signs of sun damage will not rise to the surface.

Reduce Wrinkles Lines

Wrinkle lines are byproducts of aging and constant exposure to the elements. It may only be a matter of time before they start showing up on your face. However, you don’t just have to live with those wrinkle lines.

Using chlorophyll can help you manage your wrinkles. Those fine lines and wrinkles may also be caused by free radical damage. If you can eliminate those free radicals, you can also reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines that appear on your skin.

Chlorophyll also boosts the production of collagen inside your body. The collagen will also be instrumental for wrinkle prevention.

Provides Important Minerals

Chlorophyll contains many of the nutrients that we need to keep our skin healthy.

You can start with vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keep acne under control and it also promotes healthy cell growth.
Vitamin C is also found in chlorophyll. You want to infuse your skin with vitamin C because it repairs body tissues quickly. If your skin does sustain sun damage, the vitamin C in your system will help heal that.

The presence of vitamin E in chlorophyll will also be hugely beneficial to you. Vitamin E will be crucial in the fight against free radicals. It will also keep your skin safe from various forms of damage.

Helps Wounds Heal Faster

Flawless skin is hard to maintain. Even seemingly minor scratches and cuts are enough to compromise the smoothness of your skin.

Avoiding those small wounds is next to impossible. That approach to skincare is not realistic so you need to go about doing things differently. Instead of trying to avoid wounds at all costs, you can just focus your attention on healing them quickly.

Chlorophyll can act as a healing salve for those nicks and bruises. Use it on the wounded parts of your skin so they heal up quickly. The chlorophyll should also stop scars from appearing after the wounds close.

Chlorophyll Benefits For Skin

We’ve already highlighted some chlorophyll benefits for the skin. If we stopped now, we could already make a compelling case for adding chlorophyll to your collection of skincare products.

The list of benefits doesn’t end there. Chlorophyll’s benefits affect your body inside and out. The chlorophyll will work its way through your body and decrease any inflammatory markers visible on your skin.

That’s a big deal because those inflammatory markers can leave lasting marks on your body. Allow the chlorophyll to work on your body and rejuvenate it. You can even count on receiving chlorophyll benefits for hair as well with continued usage – slowing down hair loss due to aging.


Free radicals are molecules that can cause all kinds of problems inside your body. You can often point to free radicals as the cause of oxidative stress buildup and damaged cells.

Allow those free radicals to run rampant inside your body and they may cause you to develop chronic diseases. Your once healthy skin may also wither due to the abundance of free radicals in your body.

Substances with antioxidant properties are specially equipped to neutralize those free radicals. They can minimize the damage of free radicals to your body and keep your skin looking healthy in the process.
You’ll be glad to know that chlorophyll features antioxidant properties.

Use chlorophyll to fend off those harmful free radicals. Those antioxidant properties are among the liquid chlorophyll benefits for the skin that you will need the most.

Detoxification Agent

One would assume that harmful toxins are easy to avoid, but that’s not always the case. Some habits you have may be filling your body with toxins regularly. Even the things you eat and drink can lead to the creation of a more toxic ecosystem inside your body.

Over time, those toxins can wear your body down. You need to detoxify regularly if you want to expel those harmful substances from your body.

Chlorophyll possesses the detoxifying properties you need. It will bind with the heavy metals in your bloodstream and remove them. Use chlorophyll regularly to keep your blood and your body clean.


Liquid chlorophyll for acne is a popular product. People use it regularly to prevent unpleasant breakouts.
Beyond improving your outward appearance, you can also use chlorophyll to keep your inner body healthy.

Chlorophyll features properties that allow it to act as an antimicrobial.
When used as an antimicrobial supplement, chlorophyll can stop the growth of harmful bacteria inside your body. It can also grant you stronger protection against different types of viruses.

Start using chlorophyll as an antimicrobial agent because it can help keep your body healthy long-term. Combine your usage of chlorophyll with a healthy diet and regular exercise if you want better odds of avoiding various ailments.

Purifies Your Blood

Chlorophyll’s detoxifying properties can prove to be very helpful. Regularly using chlorophyll reduces the number of heavy metals in your bloodstream. Your health will improve significantly once those heavy metals are removed.

Beyond that, chlorophyll can also purify your blood by boosting your circulation. By improving your circulation, chlorophyll helps send fresh blood to different parts of your body faster. The distribution of oxygenated blood inside your body will improve and your health will improve due to that.

Better circulation will also stop toxins from lingering in your bloodstream. The chlorophyll should help your body get rid of those toxins more efficiently.

Improves Oxygenation

Blood oxygen level is typically not something people worry about when they are young. The human body already does a fantastic job of maintaining its blood oxygen level. We don’t need to do much to improve on it.

Unfortunately, that ability we inherently possess can wane over time. Chronic ailments we develop as we grow older can hamper the body’s ability to regulate blood oxygen levels. Soon enough, we will need help regulating that aspect of our body as well.

Chlorophyll is useful for that purpose. The aforementioned substance can regulate your blood oxygen level by removing the heavy metals in your bloodstream and improving your circulation. Use chlorophyll regularly so you can keep your blood oxygen at the right level.

Anti-Carcinogenic Properties

Per this article from Oregon State University, chlorophyll can bind with the carcinogens that are inside the body. It then sequesters those carcinogens until the body eventually removes them.

Every little bit helps in the fight against carcinogens. You may be able to mitigate the impact that carcinogens have on your body by using chlorophyll.

Liquid chlorophyll for skin can improve your complexion and also boost your resistance to certain diseases caused by carcinogens at the same time.

Chlorophyll vs Acne: Does Chlorophyll Help With Acne

Acne may have been a problem that you dealt with frequently back when you are a teenager. Now that you’re past that stage of your life, you don’t really expect acne to be an issue again.

It’s unfortunate, but things don’t always work that way. Even as an adult, you may find yourself still struggling with acne.
Thankfully, you can use some substances to clear up your acne. For instance, chlorophyll can be beneficial for acne-prone skin.

So, how should you use chlorophyll for acne? Does drinking liquid chlorophyll help with acne or should you apply it to your skin? We will answer those important questions and other relevant queries in this section of the article.

What is Acne, Anyway?

Before we dive deep into the effects of chlorophyll on acne, let’s first discuss what acne is.

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne is a condition people develop when their hair follicles get clogged. The cause of the clogging could be excess oil produced by overactive oil glands. Dead skin cells can also clog your pores and cause a breakout.

The presence of bacteria could exacerbate an acne breakout. Meanwhile, inflammation can cause acne marks to become more visible.

If you’ve been dealing with acne breakouts for a while, then you’ve likely tried various forms of treatment as well. It may be time for you to consider using chlorophyll to treat your acne.

Why Should You Take Chlorophyll to Treat Acne

As we mentioned above, there are different forms of treatment available for acne. Given the available options, you may be wondering why you should use chlorophyll.

First off, using chlorophyll is a good idea because it’s a natural remedy for acne. You don’t have to worry about applying any chemicals to your skin.

Chlorophyll also gets to the root of your acne problems. Your skin will look better after using chlorophyll because it will relieve inflammation and eliminate bacteria.

Don’t overlook the additional benefits that chlorophyll provides. Using chlorophyll to treat your acne means you are also improving your overall wellness. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other forms of acne treatment that can provide as many benefits as chlorophyll.

How to use Chlorophyll to Treat Acne

There are two ways to use chlorophyll as a treatment for acne.
One way requires applying chlorophyll directly to your skin. The other method involves adding chlorophyll to some water and drinking it.

Applying chlorophyll topically allows people to take full advantage of the substance’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can definitely benefit from using chlorophyll this way, but you are not maximizing its full potential.

After all, the chlorophyll can get washed away easily if it stays on the surface of your skin. It may take some time before it can penetrate your skin so you have to be careful.

Drinking liquid chlorophyll is easier. Ingest the chlorophyll and you allow it to work from the inside out. You’ll be able to benefit more from it that way.

Apply Directly to Your Skin

Applying chlorophyll directly to your skin is one way to extract its benefits.

You can purchase skin care products online that feature chlorophyll as their star ingredient. They are usually pretty easy to use. The instructions are typically printed right on the label so you won’t be confused about the process.

It’s important to develop a routine when it comes to applying the chlorophyll-infused skincare product. You need to give it time to work its magic so try to apply it when you aren’t heading out. Using the product before going to bed is a good idea as that should give it ample time to work.

Eat/Drink Chlorophyll

At first, drinking chlorophyll for skin may sound like a strange suggestion. It’s supposed to revitalize your skin and remove your acne. How is it supposed to do that effectively if you’re drinking it?

In this case, drinking chlorophyll does allow it to work better. The nourishing effects of chlorophyll are able to take hold better if it’s working from the inside out. You can benefit more from chlorophyll’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties if the substance is inside your body.

Adding chlorophyll to water is also not a big deal. The water will not develop a weird flavor even with the chlorophyll in there.
People can also eat chlorophyll by ingesting supplements. Take those supplements and eat some super fruits regularly if you want to get rid of your acne issues for good.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve used other acne treatment products before and only got lackluster results, then it’s time to give chlorophyll a try. You will be pleased by how well chlorophyll works on acne and the best part is that it’s a natural substance.

According to a study published on ScienceDirect, photodynamic therapy using chlorophyll was able to significantly reduce the number of acne lesions on the faces of the participants. The chlorophyll even reduced the severity of the breakout while also lowering sebum levels.

Start using chlorophyll skincare products or supplements if you want to get rid of your acne issues for good.

Long Term Skin Care Using Chlorophyll

Proper skincare is something you must commit to over the long haul. You cannot just pay attention to it whenever you have a breakout or whenever dark spots emerge. Treating skin care that way will just lead to problems constantly popping up.

The good news is that it’s easy to build a skincare routine based on chlorophyll-infused products. Those products are very budget-friendly. Using them regularly should also not present any issues.

You should have no trouble following a skincare routine that prominently features chlorophyll. Keep that routine up and your skin will look flawless and youthful even as you age.

Create a Daily Skincare Routine

Consistency will be key if you want the best results from using chlorophyll. That means developing a daily skincare routine is a must. You need to do that if you want the chlorophyll skin benefits. The manufacturers will often indicate the best way to use their products. As long as you follow their instructions, their products should work well for you.

It won’t be long before using those chlorophyll skincare products becomes second nature for you. Setting aside the time to use them should also not be that much of an issue.

Note that you can also use those chlorophyll-infused items together with other skincare products. They can all work together to make your skin more beautiful and more radiant.

Add Food Rich in Chlorophyll Into Your Diet

Consuming chlorophyll regularly should also improve the condition of your skin. So, what does chlorophyll taste like? It has a minty flavor, but it can be difficult to detect.

You should also consider adding more foods rich in chlorophyll to your diet. Do that if you want to keep your skin in good condition.
Examples of food items that are rich in chlorophyll include asparagus, broccoli, collard greens, and spinach. Eat more of those vegetables so you can maintain a high level of chlorophyll inside your body.

Chlorophyll Supplements

Eating foods chock full of chlorophyll will certainly help keep your skin healthy. Of course, we’ve established that there are other, more effective ways to do that. Taking chlorophyll supplements is just one more way that you can get that healthy substance into your body.

Look online and you will find all kinds of chlorophyll supplements. Among the products you will likely find are chlorophyll powder, water, shots, and chlorophyll drops for skin and the body.

Avoid Excessive Chlorophyll Consumption

Throughout this article, we’ve established that chlorophyll can work wonders for your skin and your overall health. That said, you should still avoid going overboard with your chlorophyll consumption.

Just like every other supplement, you should only use chlorophyll according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Take too much and you could experience some side effects.

Some side effects you may experience from taking too much chlorophyll include an upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and discolored stool.

You may also experience those side effects if you ingest on an empty stomach.
The side effects from taking chlorophyll are not ones you need to worry about as long as you heed the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t Rely Solely on Chlorophyll

Just about everyone can benefit from taking chlorophyll. You should strongly consider adding it to your supplement regimen if you haven’t already.

However, people should also remember that a chlorophyll supplement is not a magic potion. You won’t be able to preserve the quality of your skin or maintain good health just by taking chlorophyll alone.

You must still exercise regularly and adopt a healthy diet if you want to maintain your healthy body. Paying regular visits to the doctor is also highly recommended. They can give you additional pointers for leading a healthy lifestyle so listen to what they say.


Can You Put Liquid Chlorophyll on Your Face?

Yes, putting liquid chlorophyll on your face will not be an issue. You don’t have to worry about irritating your eyes or anything similar during application. Use chlorophyll to target acne marks or any dark spots on your face. Concentrate the chlorophyll onto those spots if you so desire. Go ahead and check if the manufacturers have provided instructions for using the chlorophyll. Following their instructions will yield the best results.

How Much Chlorophyll Liquid per Day?

You may be wondering how much chlorophyll liquid per day would represent proper usage. To find that out, you should check the label. More often than not, the manufacturers of the liquid chlorophyll product will indicate the right amount to use.

If the manufacturers have not indicated how much you should use, you can also go by the average dosage amount. On average, 100 milligrams of chlorophyll will suffice for a single serving and no more than 300mg per day.

How Can You Apply Chlorophyll to the Skin?

There are different ways to apply chlorophyll to your skin.
The most straightforward method involves taking the liquid from the bottle and rubbing it onto your skin. Be careful when taking this approach because the chlorophyll may spill onto the floor.

You can also create a spray using the liquid chlorophyll. Mix it with other healthy ingredients to create a nourishing spray for your skin. Chlorophyll can also be added as an extra ingredient to a special face mask.

Can Liquid Chlorophyll Cause Acne?

No, drinking or using liquid chlorophyll in other ways is not going to give you an acne breakout. If anything, the liquid chlorophyll should help you curb the breakout of pimples on your face.

Liquid chlorophyll is not going to clog your pores or kill any cells so it will not contribute to you getting acne in any way. Do not let unfounded fears about acne stop you from including liquid chlorophyll in your skincare regimen.

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