The 7 Best Chlorophyll Drops to Try in 2022

Chlorophyll is touted as one of the best supplements because of its many health benefits. This antioxidant-rich superfood can boost immunity, detoxify the body, provide energy, promote gut health, deodorize, eliminate fungus, and more.

Chlorophyll is an all-natural product since this is the green pigment found in plants that they use to make their own food when exposed to the sun. Now, you can harness this energy from photosynthesis with the best chlorophyll drops in the market.

In this article, we’ll help you identify the most reputable brands with their key features so you can make a well-informed choice.

Why Chlorophyll Water Drops?

You can find an abundance of chlorophyll supplements, such as pills, teas, capsules, powders, and drops. However, people prefer chlorophyll water drops more than any other variant.

For starters, liquid drops are very convenient – you can carry them in your bag and have them on the go. You can readily put some in your water while you’re at work or out on the town.

Alternatively, you can also mix it with your salads while having lunch. It is very easy to infuse the drops with food and beverage without altering the taste. Most importantly, drops provide you with ultimate control of how much chlorophyll you take.

What to Look for in Chlorophyll Reviews

If you’re considering incorporating this superfood into your diet, you may be wondering how to choose the best top-rated liquid chlorophyll. Fortunately, there are many liquid drops reviews encompassing both chlorophyll benefits and chlorophyll side effects.

In general, most users watch out for the taste because no one wants a bitter product. Besides that, people check out long-term effectiveness and possible short-term side effects (if any). Finally, buyers watch out for packaging as well since it affects usability and portability. You want a product that’s easy to dispense and won’t leak in your bag while you’re on the go.

The Best Liquid Chlorophyll

With so many options proliferating in health food stores and online shops, how do you find the best chlorophyll brands? It can be quite daunting to choose the best liquid chlorophyll for drinking when you don’t know what qualities to look for in the first place.

So, we’ve curated this best chlorophyll drops list to help you look at different product features. We focus on the taste, effectiveness, side effects, and packaging to help eliminate confusion and help you decide which product to purchase.

After reading this list, you can confidently choose your chlorophyll drops and get the best value for your hard-earned money.

#1 Chloroglow Chlorophyll Detox Drops

One of the best liquid chlorophyll drops on the market because of superior product quality and great price point.

It comes in liquid drops or shots to combat anemia, encourages weight loss, and more.

Best of all, you have the option of purchasing Chloroglow shots in green apple flavor. This is perfect for those who don’t particularly fancy the earthy taste of plain chlorophyll.

Top Review

People appreciate the results they get from Chloroglow and many conclude it to be the best chlorophyll to buy. One of the most common complaints in chlorophyll reviews general – is about the earthy taste. Our product has a mild taste and a unique alternative you don’t see very often – green apple flavor.

One review by Dana Pauly gushes how it feels so clean and easy to drink.

She said: “Love these drops and how simple they are to take. Just put in water and drink, and I enjoy the taste as it isn’t too strong. They’re super easy and make me feel super healthy!”

#2 Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Chlorophyll

Most online reviews give Benevolent Nourishment a thumbs up. It’s a top contender for the label of best chlorophyll drops in the market because it’s potent and promotes fast absorption.

Just like most chlorophylls, it supports your immune system, helps with altitude sickness, and serves as an internal deodorant. This is marketed as a 2-in-1 formula as it is also infused with copper, which helps your body absorb iron better. However, this product is only geared towards adults. It comes with a very strong peppermint taste in a dropper bottle.

Top Review

Most chlorophyll reviews love the good price point of this brand. The combo formula also amplifies its value.

However, Contessa Simons is not so happy with the taste. She shares: “I mixed it with iced tea so it didn’t have a taste. I only took it once so far. I’m excited to see results. It was delivered faster than expected.”

#3 Mary Ruth’s Vegan Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

Third, up on our best chlorophyll drops list is Mary Ruth’s Vegan Chlorophyll drops which also provide a broad range of health benefits.

This was specifically formulated to promote red and white blood cell production, boost liver function, promote skin health, help with weight loss, and decrease bad breath. It has a very strong peppermint taste to mask the earthy smell. It’s vegan and non-GMO, and also free from gluten, nuts, wheat, and nightshades. It is also sugar-free with an earthy taste.

Top Review

Many people are satisfied with Mary Ruth based on the numerous chlorophyll drops reviews online. Olivia Sitzman says she has no complaints here.

She says: “I feel comfortable with this product. No nastiness, I just put a dropper or two in a glass of cold water and feel like I’m doing my body a favor.”

#4 Earth to Humans All-Natural Liquid Chlorophyll

Earth to Human is another contender for the label of best liquid chlorophyll brands because it helps you detox your body without having to undergo drastic juice fasts or cleanses. Although it is a bit on the pricier side, it helps keep your liver and digestive health in good shape. Flush out harmful toxins with this powerful antioxidant.

Top Review

According to earth to Humans chlorophyll reviews, this indeed provides a great detox for your body. However, it doesn’t come with any flavors.

Unfortunately, if your taste buds are sensitive, you may end up not liking this product. One reviewer by the name of Ashley counters this and says: “It doesn’t taste that bad. People are being over-dramatic. Tastes like water with a hint of earth.

#5 Alpha Flow Liquid Chlorophyll

You can also try Alpha Flow Liquid Chlorophyll. It’s not organic and has no alternative flavors. Count on this chlorophyll liquid drops to replenish essential nutrients and vitamins to fortify your immune system, keeping illnesses at bay.

This bioavailable formula promotes liver and lung self-cleansing, giving you a gentle detox. And this will manifest on the outside as it eliminates bad breath, body odor, and even smelly farts. Incorporating this antioxidant-rich supplement increases your cell defense and prevents oxidation, which helps ease the aging process.

Top Review

According to most chlorophyll drops reviews, this brand is ‘great stuff’ because of its many positive health results.

Tany T shares, “This is so great to have. I’ve been using it for a month now and my skin is super clear and I drank it while I was sick and it helped me. I really recommend it!”

#6 Double Wood Supplements Liquid Chlorophyll

One reason Double Wood is on our list of the best chlorophyll is because it comes in the traditional dropper bottle. Notably, the dropper comes with very big numbers so you can clearly see how much ml you’re dispensing.

They recommend not exceeding your daily dose to prevent side effects like nausea or vomiting. This brand is very proud to announce that the product is 100% USA made, and extracted from mulberry leaves. It also tested for potency and purity for assured benefits like weight loss, detox, a healthy gut, and stronger immunity.

Top Review

While perusing reviews, people love that Double Wood contains numerous vitamins and minerals to boost vitality.

Maria Soto shares: “We enjoy taking this drops because it give us more energy knowing that it is good for the overall health! Tastes kind of like woody, stains mouth but just until you brush your teeth, but knowing that it is for overall health this is a must, no questions about it!”

#7 New Age Liquid Chlorophyll

Another top rated chlorophyll that made it to our list is the New Age Liquid Chlorophyll, which is also proudly made in the USA.

The manufacturers share that they source raw materials and create the supplements in America so you can rest assured that this is a high-quality product.

However, this concentrated green juice has a unique taste so you need to dilute it in water. Just like other brands, this acts as supports immunity, helps with detox, serves as a natural deodorant, relieves gas, and deters constipation.

Top Review

Many chlorophyll reviews on this brand rave about the positive health benefits. Though some note the strong taste, Nicole D says she loves the good taste and price.

She wrote: “First the amount for what I paid is solid, you get your money worth. Second, which I was most curious about, was that the taste was good! Sometimes products like this can have a funky taste but this was perfect!”

So, What’s the Best Liquid Chlorophyll?

Now that we’ve finished listing 7 of the best chlorophyll products, you can make an informed decision. As a huge contender in the space, we’ve been making waves in terms of the benefits of our product, our packaging is perfect for on-the-go, and we battle that earthy chlorophyll taste with a subtleness to original formulas and a green apple alternative our customers love!

We also top the list of the best liquid chlorophyll drops because our packaging is reliable and compact. So enjoy the benefits of chlorophyll with our shots and drops!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Liquid Chlorophyll Brand is Best?

The best liquid chlorophyll brand on the market is none other than Choloroglow. You can take the detox shots or choose the more potent drops and mix it with water or juice. This is suited for people 12 years and up.

Many people love it as this improves overall health with its potent active ingredient, chlorophyllin, the most bioavailable form of chlorophyll for human consumption. This improves your liver function, immunity, and blood production. It is also praised to work wonders in eliminating bad odors, helping with weight loss, and improving skin appearance.

What are the Best Chlorophyll Drops for Water?

If you’re looking to fortify your water, add Chloroglow drops as it is one of the best chlorophyll brands. Get the 1500 mg or 3000 mg and dissolve one or two drops in water. Our brand is trusted and used to improve your immune system, fight oxidative stress, and prevent cellular degeneration.

This doesn’t contain artificial additives, making it digestible and helping you avoid usual symptoms associated with chlorophyll like cramps or nausea. Drinking this also provides a natural energy boost that is better than coffee.

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