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Chlorophyll Drops

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Chlorophyll – Green Apple, Natural

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Herbal Supplements

Two ways to enhance your glow, and cleanse your body and mind with nature’s best remedy.


With just a few drops, transform your ordinary water into a detox in a bottle! Different strengths work for different people. If you’re unsure about which one is right for you, start slow and work your way up.



Premium detox supplements with antioxidant-rich chlorophyll! This small bottle harnesses all the incredible power of Chlorophyll in an easy-to-take, incredible tasting shot! Green Apple Flavor!


Why chlorophyll?

The Role of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a key player in photosynthesis – it also gives plants their beautiful emerald green pigmentation. Found in what’s called the chloroplasts of plants, chlorophyll is necessary for the conversion of CO2 and H20 into O2 and glucose. Without chlorophyll, the process of photosynthesis would not be possible.

More than Just an Immunity Booster

Chlorophyll has so many benefits for our body. With vitamins like calcium and iron, chlorophyll can do much more than support our immune system. Here are just a few vitamins and minerals found in this green wonder.

How the Magic Happens

Photosynthesis is the process plants use to make their own food. Using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, plants create oxygen and nutrients called sugars.


Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

This herbal supplement is about prevention as much as it is about recovery. Nature’s favorite green remedy in a bottle provides digestive relief, it’s energy inducing, improves heart health, restores red blood cells, and so much more. Our products are 100% vegan, gluten free, and made in the USA – all we’ve done is bring mother nature’s remedy to your door.

Plant Power

Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight – that’s its main function. So, when we humans consume chlorophyll, we’re getting a concentrated amount of the sun’s energy – all in one cup or shot.


Works for Humans

Drinking this supplement means you’re gearing up your body for some serious detoxing. It soaks up all those toxins that could otherwise make you sick. Consider it an internal sponge, moving around the body and soaking up all the unpleasantness.

So Many Benefits

Chlorophyll equals more energy, it increases brain function, removes toxins such as pesticides, treats anemia, improves liver health and so much more. This herbal supplement is an unsung hero.



This nutrient helps prevent strokes, kidney stones, osteoporosis, as well as regulates the heartbeat and nerve signals.



An ally to your energy levels, this portion of our supplement is the building block of health. It contributes to brain function, cell health, and more.

Hundreds of Enzymes

Hundreds of Enzymes

Digestion, liver function, muscle and nerve function, respiration, and more. Different enzymes play different roles, nevertheless, they’re essential to our everyday health.



Calcium is crucial for strengthening bones and teeth. It also aids in regulating the heart and functions of different muscles for relaxation and such.



Blood production requires iron which is directly correlated with the hemoglobin that transfers oxygen from your lungs to tissues via the bloodstream. An insufficient amount of iron affects about 1.6 billion people worldwide. Supplements are often necessary.



This key nutrient found in the chlorophyll supplement plays an important role in the prevention of cellular damage.



A well known immunity enhancer, zinc plays a key role in the functioning of the immune system and metabolism. ChloroGlow supplements contain zinc both in the form of drops and tinctures.



Crucial for nerve and muscle function, regulates blood glucose levels, helps keep bones strong, and steadies the heartbeat.



Different Uses for

Our chlorophyll herbal supplements are used for many different reasons. Some clients focus on energy boosting results, while others may focus on beauty and skin blemishes. Here are some of the most popular reasons why our clients love ChloroGlow chlorophyll drink drops and shots.


Chlorophyll shots and drops, when used as detox supplements can result in weight loss or even management. Liquid chlorophyll has also been reported to clear skin blemishes such as Rosacea and reduce inflammation. Many have reported having less acne or experiencing shorter and smaller acne breakouts. We can also add odor reduction in the list of chlorophyll benefits. Many have claimed to have reduced body odor significantly with regular chlorophyll supplements.

Unsurprisingly, benefits for skin has been gaining worldwide attention and that’s because it offers the following:

  • Can help heal wounds
  • Clears acne breakouts and in some cases, prevent acne altogether
  • Nourishment for your skin
  • Wrinkle fighter


We’ve gone through an extensive list of health benefits above when it comes to certain vitamins and minerals that are found in ChloroGlow herbal supplements. Here are a few more illnesses that you can benefit from with a regular intake of liquid chlorophyll.

  • Helps break addiction
  • Alkalizes the body
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cleanses the blood
  • Extracts toxins from liver
  • High in amino acids
  • Combats aging
  • Promotes healthy digestion


Liquid chlorophyll helps alkalise the body before an intense workout. It also increases energy and helps maintain a healthy weight. So for those looking to naturally improve their fitness levels, this herbal supplement can help.



The best defense is a strong offense – this is true for our health. By taking methods of prevention, we can help stave off illnesses. Our immunity booster drink helps keep your immune system strong and prepared for any unwanted toxins. Perhaps the most important of all chlorophyll benefits is that it helps the body take action against carcinogens – which can be found in a lot of foods we consume.

Here are a few other benefits to take note of:

  • Prevents constipation
  • Prevents damage to genes by aflatoxins

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Clients review

Janne D.

Age: 20-29

Heal and Recover! I mix Chloroglow with my green juice and drink it twice a day. I noticed a big difference in my recovery time as my energy and stamina quickly was brought back up. My gut feels much better and my bowel movements much smoother. Thanks!

Mark Smith

Age: 20-29

I was a little skeptical to try chlorophyll, but my friend encouraged me to buy this. I suffer from fatigue, body odor among other things. I do 10 drops, twice a day. Ive been using this for a few weeks now, and I do notice a slight decease in fatigue when I use this. I can stay up a little longer and concentrate a little better.

Mary Moore

Age: 20-29

This is one of the few supplements I take on a regular basis because I can feel a difference in my energy levels and general health. I noticed that my skin was getting clearer and the breakouts that I had were healing faster. I’ve tried other chlorophyll brands but keep going back to this product because it delivers better results.

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